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Services :


*Major Appliance Repair

* Preventative Maintenance

* Dryer Vent Cleaning

Brief Descriptions of Services

  • Diagnosis & Repairs - Consist of inspecting unit and identifying the issues with the unit and making any necessary repairs and installing any parts needed to have your unit up and running again.


  • Preventative Maintenance - Most commonly done on Dryers &Refrigerators and is basically a tune-up for your appliance to keep them running at optimal performance and reduce the risk of breakdown. Dryers will be taken apart and any moving mechanical part will be lubed, all lint will be removed from inside of unit, belt will also be checked for wear (customer responsible for purchase of belt if needed). Refrigerators will have the coils cleaned and the water filter replaced if needed (customer responsible for filter).


  • Dryer Vent Cleaning - The most common cause of all house fires are clogged dryer vents, a dryer vent should be cleaned at least annually. The vent cleaning will include cleaning of the entire exhaust system to the outside of the home and the cleaning of the hood on the roof or vent outlet cover  depending on which your home has.

A little about My Appliance Guy.....

My Appliance Guy is a family owned & operated appliance repair business in the Brandon/Tampa Bay area. Our goal is to provide the community with a quality repair at an affordable rate with a friendly experience. We are knowledgeable in our field and enjoy what we do. We treat your home and appliances as if they were ours. Servicing most major appliances and brands in a timely manner. We try to make the experience the least stressful, most affordable, and as pleasant as possible.

Pricing :

$79 Service fee

$79 Preventative Maintenance for Refrigerators or Dryers

$89 Dryer Vent Cleaning  *Dryer Vents are the #1 cause of house fires!

*Discounts will be applied when bundling multiple services or referring a neighbor when doing dryer vent cleanings*

*Estimates will NOT be given over the phone as every repair and problem is different*


Fast * Friendly * Affordable

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